PROs & CONs of hiring a recruitment agency

Post On 4 December, 2020


PROs & CONs of hiring a recruitment agency


When discussing about recruitment process normally, the duties should be given to human resources officer of each company. At times, most companies seek for a high qualified employee to work in their organization, however, seeking for one can often be a difficult task. This is the where a recruitment agency becomes another option to respond to their hiring demands.



PROs of hiring a recruitment agency

Fruitful Database – Recruitment agencies can gather information from all careers worldwide which is a monumental volume of data to find suitable candidates in order to fill their vacancies with the best possible talents. Recruitment agencies will ensure qualifications are best matches with the requirements.

No extra payment – The fee will be charged only once the recruitment process is completed. In a number of cases, hiring recruitment agencies could be more cost effective than hiring an in-house recruiter because you would only have an expense when you are looking to hire.

Reduces process in screening – Recruitment agencies will play a major role in helping the clients to screen their qualifications and find the fits to the vacancies while also considering the cultural match with client’s organization.

Expertise in Their Function – Recruitment agencies are the experts when it comes to seeking for candidates, they can promptly identify strengths and weaknesses of candidates and assess efficiently the suitability to the vacancies resulting in an effective recruitment process, simply put, recruitment agencies get the right people to the right jobs.


CONs of hiring recruitment agencies

Extra Expenses – For any organization with a permanent HR officer, hiring recruitment agencies might lead to extra expenses to the organization.



As hiring recruitment agencies, they can be both strengths and weaknesses. For any organization that hesitates hiring recruitment agencies, we hope that this information will help with your decision.


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Translated by : Patipon Klay-hirun (Internship)

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